Hello world!

September 15, 2007

How many times in our lives do we think that money is all we want, to be brutally honest we all are tied to the same chain of emotions and desire in whichever little way, to earn more, more and lot more.In the formative years of our lives depending on the circumstances we develop a sense of pupose and anurge of achievement, an urge that is supposed to keep us going.We strive we fight and finally achieve but does that really quench our thirst our lust for financial dominance, at the end of it all we are still a bunch of unhappy loners.At this juncture you may well ask why I am being the philosophical peace of crap that I am pretending to be but sometimes in life we get a hit at our consciece which most of us think is dead and buried .Watching a movie that dealt with the story of a young lawyer who fights almost a lost case for the family of a dying patient whose medical insurance companty denied his right to live by objecting to the legitimate claims, made me ponder. I remember a phrase that our English teacher used to repeat quite often “Quo Ardis” meaning where are you going, really where are we going.If movies are a reflection of the society at least some of them, then is this the society that we live in.

God made man god wanted him to be happy, to be very happy indeed, he gave him all that he needs food shelter and above all an unique treasure, conscience.But heres were god proposed and man disposed he wanted his life to be simpler so he made money little did he know what was in store.Then came the great barrier which is like no other in the world the rich and the poor the possessors and the possessed.We turned slaves began a mad race a war to get what i need not tell.